Everything you need to know about Clozapine in a free e-book

I have finally managed to put together my first e-book after a steep learning curve on using my word processor and image processing software. I started this book because I was so dismayed at how much negative information there is on clozapine amongst my patients. Daily I see the effects of chronic untreated schizophrenia, sometimes in patients who, apparently, for no good reason refuse to take clozapine.

Clozapine is the gold standard treatment for schizophrenia which has failed to respond to any other medication. Admittedly it does have side effects which can be clinically harmless but nevertheless distressing, and sometimes also clinically adverse. But this has to be balanced by the fact that there are many many people out there who have benefitted from clozapine, despite having side effects. Clozapine, like other treatments, does have risks but this had to compared against the rewards.

In my FREE e-book "Everything you need to know about Clozapine", I have tried to present all the relevant information you would need to know if on clozapine....the various indications for clozapine, side effects, more serious medical adverse effects, the treatment of these, and more. This e-book would be ideal for the patient, carer and partner.

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